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Wrestler Rolle in...
Al Snow Rudy
Andre The Giant Princess Bride
Conan the Destroyer
Trading Mom
Micki & Maude
The Secret of Bigfoot
Andrew "Test" Martin Grindhouse
18 Wheels of Justice
Fear Factor
Aykut Artan MTV Game One (Folge 7)
Bam Bam Bigelow Major Payne
Joe's Apartment
Ready to Rumble
Snake Eater III: His Law
Big Show Jingle all the Way
The WaterBoy
TV Total
McCinsey's Island
Reggie's Prayer
The Cindy Margolis Show
Shasta McNasty
Figure it Out
Saturday Night Live
Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Blue Demon Blue Demon
Blue Demon Contra El Poder Diabolica
Blue Demon En La Sombra Del Murchielago
Blue Demon Contra Las Aranas Infernales
Blue Demon Contra Los Cerebros Infernales
Blue Demon Las Diabolicas
Blue Demon,Destructor De Espias
Blue Demon En Pasaporte A La Muerte
Blue Demon Y Las Invasoras
Santo Y Blue Demon En El Mundo De Los Muertos
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Los Montruos
Santo Contra Blue Demon En La Atlantida
Los Campeones Justicieros
Las Momias De Guanajuato
Blue Demon Y Zovek En La Invasion De Los Muertos
Blue Demon En La Noche De Muerte
Blue Demon En La Mafia Armarilla
Vuelven Los Campeones Justicieros
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Lobo
Santo Y Blue Demon En Las Bestias Del Terror
Triunfo De Los Campeones Justiciereos
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra El Dr. Frankestein
El Hijo Del Alma Grande
La Mansion De Las Siete Momias
Misterio En Las Bermudas
Blue Demon,El Campeon
Blue Meanie The Wrestler (2008)
Bob Orton Jr. Roundhouse
Booker T Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Ready to Rumble
Bret "The Hitman" Hart Mad TV
Contact: Talking to the Dead
My Horrible Year
Beyond the Mat
Lonesome Dove
The Saturday Show
Rove Live
The Immortal
The Simpsons
Honey,I Shrunk the Kids:The TV Show
The Adventures of Sinbad
Live and Kicking
Brodus Clay No One Lives
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake Thunder in Paradise
Mr. Nanny
Bubba Ray Dudley Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Buff Bagwell Day of the Warrior
Return To Savage Beach
Chris Jericho MacGruber
Dancing with the Stars
Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Chris Kanyon Jesse Venutra: The Story
Ready to Rumble
Chris Masters Big Time Rush (Serie)
Chuck Taylor The Wrestler (2008)
Claudio Castagnoli The Wrestler (2008)
Dan Servern Rudy
Debra The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Demolition Davies Alle auf den Kleinen (Serie)
Diamond Dallas Page First Daughter
Ready to Rumble
Don Harris Head of State
D-Von Dudley Tough Enough
The Weakest Link
Edge Highlander:End Game
Beyond the Mat
Beding the Rules
El Santo Cerebro del Mal
Santo vs Hombres Infernales
Santo Contra Los Zombies
Santo Contra El Rey del Crimen
Santo En El Hotel De La Muerte
Santo Contra El Contra Cerebro Diabolico
Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiro
Santo En El Museo De Cera
Santo Contra El Estrangulador
El Espectro Del Estrangulador
El Poder Satanico
Atacan Las Brujas
El Hacha Diabolica
Profanadores De Tumbes
El Baron Brakola
Santo El Enmascarado de Plata vs La Invasion de los Marcianos
Santo El Enmascarado de Plata vs Los Villanos del Ring
Operacion 67
El Tesoro de Moctezuma
Santo En El Tesoro de Dracula
Santo Contra Capulina
Santo Contra Blue Demon En La Atlantida
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos
El Mundo De Los Muertos
Santo Contra Los Cazadores De Cabezas
Santo Frente A La Muerte
Santo Contra Los Jinetes Del Terror
La Venganza De Las Mujeres Vampiro
Santo Contra La Mafia Del Vicio
Santo En La Venganza De La Momia
Las Momias De Guanajuato
Mision Secreta En El Caribe
Santo Contra La Hija De Frankestein
Mision Suicida
Asasinos De Otros Mundos
El Aguila Real
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo
Santo Contra Los Secuestradores
Santo Contra La Magia Negro
Las Bestias Del Terror
Santo Contra Las Lobas
Anonimo Mortal
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dr. Frankenstein
Santo Contra El Doctor Muerte
3 Dev Adam
Santo En El Misterio De La Perla Negra
La Venganza De La Llorana
Santo En Oro Negro
Misterio En Las Bermudas
Santo En La Frontera Del Terror
Sabto Contra El Asesino De La TV
El Puno De La Muerte
La Furia De Las Karatecas
Eric Schwarz Alle auf den Kleinen (Serie)
Ernest "The Cat" Miller The Wrestler (2008)
Giant Gonzales Thunder in Paradise
Baywatch (Serie) 
George "The Animal" Steele Mr. Nanny
Ed Wood
Goldberg Jesse Ventura: The Story
Universal Soldier: The Return
The Longest Yard
Looney Tunes Back in Action
Gorilla Monsoon Jesse Ventura: The Story
Hayabusa Backyard Dogs
Mask de 41
Hulk Hogan Rocky 3
Suburban Commando
No Holds Barred
Mr. Nanny
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Santa with Muscles
Assault on Devil's Island
3 Ninjas:High Noon at Mega Mountain
Spy Hard
Thunder in Paradise
The Secret Agent Club
Shadow Warriors II
McCinsey's Island
Bimini Code
Walker Texas Ranger (Serie)
Hogan Knows Best (Serie)
Brooke knows Best (Serie)
A & E: Biography
Suddenly Susan
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
The Big Breakfast
The A-Team
Ready to Rumble
Iron Shiek Jerry Springer Show
Kenny vs Spenny (Serie)
Jay Lethal The Wrestler (2008)
Jake "The Snake" Roberts Beyond the Mat
Jeff Jarret Life with Mikey
Jerry Lawler Man on the Moon
Life with Mikey
I'm from Hollywood
Jesse "The Body" Ventura Major League 2
Demolition Man
Running Man
Batman & Robin
No Holds Barred
The Master of Disguise
Joe Somebody
Beyond the Mat
Six Days in Roswell
Abraxas The Guardian of the Univers
Tag Team
The Dread Zone
Larry King Live
The Young and the Restless
The X Files
Small Wonder
Jim Neidhart Thunder in Paradise
Jimmy Hart Thunder in Paradise
Jim Powers The Wrestler (2008)
Jim Ross Man on the Moon
Tough Enough
John Cena The Marine
12 Rounds
Fred: The Movie
John Zandig The Wrestler (2008)
Kane See No Evil
Kanyon Jesse Ventura: The Story
Ken Shamrock Champions
Beyond the Mat
Kerry von Erich Problem Child
Kevin Nash Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (Super Shredder)
Grandma's Boy
The Longest Yard
The Punisher
Family Plan
The Love Boat: The Next Wave
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Swamp Thing
Killer Khan 3 Ninjas Kick Back
Kimberly Page CSI: Miami
The 40 Year Old Virgin
King Kong Bundy Moving
Kurt Angle Unscripted
The Weakest Link
Tough Enough
The Big Breakfast
Larry Sweeney The Wrestler (2008)
LA Smooth The Wrestler (2008)
Lenny Montana All the Marbles
The Godfather
Lou Albano Stay Tuned
Body Slam
Wise Guys 
Ludvig Borga Die Hard:With a Vengeance
Mark Henry MacGruber
Mean Gene Okerlund No Holds Barred
Mick Foley Beyond the Mat
Boy Meets World
The Howard Stern Show
Robot Wars
Who want's to be Millionaire?
Saturday Night Live
Big Money Hustlas
Tough Enough
Celebrity Death Match
The Today Show
Now and Again
Mildred Burke All the Marbles
Mil Mascaras Mil Mascaras
Los Canallas
Las Vampiras
Enigma De Muerte
Los Campeones Justicieros
Las Momias De Guanajuato
El Robo De Las Momias De Guanajuato
Vuelven Los Campeones Justicieros
Una Rosa Sobre El Ring
Leyendas Mascabras De La Colonia
Los Vampiros De Coyoacan
Las Momias De San Angel
El Poder Negro
Misterio En Las Bermudas
El Hijo Del Santo En La Frontera Sin Ley
La Verdad De La Lucha
La Llave Mortal
Mr.Kennedy / Mr.Anderson Behind Enemy Lines:Columbia
Fighting the Still Life
MVP MacGruber
Nate Hatred The Wrestler (2008)
Nathan Jones Troy
The Condemned 
Necro Butcher The Wrestler (2008)
Nick Berk The Wrestler (2008)
Nick Bockwinkel The Wrestler (1973)
Nick Mondo Fighting the Still Life
Nicole Bass Private Parts
Nigel McGuinness The Wrestler (2008)
One Man Gang Stay Tuned
Ox Baker Escape from New York
The Big Brawl
Paul Heyman Rollerball
Peter Maivia 007 James Bond: You Only Live Twice
Pitbull#2 Jerry Springer Show
Randy Savage Spider Man
Ready to Rumble
Walker Texas Ranger
Space Ghosts Coast to Coasts
Dexter's Laboratory
The Jeff Foxworthy Show
The Big Breakfast
Mad About you
Raven Jesse Ventura: The Story
Weird Weekends
Win Ben Stein's Money
Rob Eckos / Robbie E The Wrestler (2008)
Rob Van Dam Superfights
Superfights 2
Black Mask 2: City of Masks
Wrong Side of Town
Spy TV
The Backyard
Beyond the Mat
Ultimate Revenge
18 Wheels of Justice
City Guys
The X Files
The Rock
The Mummy 2
The Scorpion King
Star Trek (Serie)
Be Cool
Get Smart
The Rundown/Welcome to the Jungle 
Walking Tall 
Southland Tales
Gridirion Gang
Reno 911! Miami
The Game Plan
Race to Witch Mountain
Planet 51
Tooth Fairy
The Other Guys
Saturday Night Live
That 70's Show
The Late Show
The Tonight Show
The Late Late Show
NAACP Image Awards
MTV Movie Awards (2000)
MTV Movie Awards (2001)
Beyond the Mat
The Howard Stern Show
The Net
Star Trek: Voyager
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married too?
You Again
Fast Fives
Roddy Piper Love Boat: The Movie
They Live
Hell comes to Frog Town
Immortal Combat
Body Slam
Terminal Rush
Jack of Hearts
Last to Surrender
Hard Time
The Bad Pack
First Encounter
Dead Tides
Marked Man
The Misery Brothers
Tough and Deadly
Back in Action
The Outer Limits
Walker Texas Ranger
Weird Weekends
Silk Stalkings
Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Romeo Roselli The Wrestler (2008)
Ron Killings /R-Truth The Wrestler (2008)
Ron Harris Head of State
Sabian / BLK JEEZ The Wrestler (2008)
Sable Corky Romano
Scott Norton Over the Top
Shane McMahon Rollerball
Beyond the Mat
Sheamus MTV EMA (2011)
Stacy Keibler Bubble Boy
The Comebacks
Stephanie McMahon The Weakest Link
Tough Enough
Suddenly Susan
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin The Longest Yard
The Condemned
The Stranger
The Expendables 
Nash Bridges (Serie)
Hunt to Kill 
Sting The Real Reason Men Commit Crimes
The Nightmare Room
Walker Texas Ranger
Thunder in Paradise
Ready to Rumble
Sgt.Slaughter G.I.Joe the Movie
G.I.Joe: Arise,Serpentor,Arise
Bad Guys
Super Smash Bros.Super Show
Shawn Michaels Baywatch
Ted DiBiase Jr. The Marine 2
Terry Funk Road House
Over the Top
Beyond the Mat
Active Stealth
Mom, Can I Keep Her?
Tequila and Bonetti
Paradise Alley
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?
Thunder in Paradise
The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr.
Swamp Thing
Quantum Leap
Texas Tornado Problem Clild
Ultimate Warrior Firepower
The Great Khali The Longest Yard
The Undertaker Suburban Comando Ritter aus dem All
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Beyond the Mat
Tiger Chung Lee Blind Fury
The Golden Child
Red Heat
Triple H Blade 3: Trinity
The Chaperone
Mad TV
Saturday Night Live
The Weakest Link
Live!/w Regis & Kelly
Drew Carey Show
The Other Half
Grown Ups
Pacific Blue
Tough Enough
Inside Out
Vader Beyond the Mat
Boy Meets World
Vladimir Kozlov 25th Hour
William Regal The Weakest Link
Zeus No Holds Barred
The Fifth Element
Next Friday
Jackie Brown
Armed and Dangerous 

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